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Constituent Meeting Tuesday, February 19 @ 6PM

This is the first of three constituent meetings for our district. Representative Seaton and Senator Stevens will be available via teleconference for your questions and concerns. The meeting will be held at the Seward LIO at 302 Railway Suite 2 (the old Phoenix Log Office). If you have questions, call […]

Seward Silvers Volleyball

Seward Silvers Volleyball

The Seward Silvers Volleyball team began their competitive season February 9th with home games against Soldotna Maroon. Early jitters and excitement made for an interesting first game and the Silvers first loss. 18-25. In game two and game three and Seward girls found their rhythm and readily won the last […]

Reply to Mrs. Andersons letter about Extremists

At the risk of being labeled an “extreme environmentalist” I feel I need to reply to Mrs, Andersons letter. I like and repect Mrs. Anderson and freely note her great service to Seward over the years. We all owe her our thanks for many of the good things we enjoy […]

Education Bills on the Move

The following bills were heard last week with these results: SB 241 University Report: Teacher Training/Retention moved out of the Senate Health, Education and Social Services Committee with no amendments. Next stop: Senate Floor. SCR 15 Amend Uniform Rules: Standing Committees moved out of the Senate State Affairs Committee with […]

City Calendar

City Calendar

Seward City Council Meeting Action Agenda Monday, February 11, 2008 The Following Item for Reconsideration Failed and Remained Enacted: Ordinance 2008-001, Revising Seward City Code Section 5.35.045 (Computation – Maximum Tax), Increasing The Sales Tax Cap From $500 To $1,000, Effective January 1, 2009, And Rescinding Ordinance 2007-010. (A motion […]

Legislative Teleconference and Committee Meeting Link

Here is the link to get the daily legislative teleconferences and committee meeting schedules. Bookmark the link! If you have any questions, wish to participate, or get updates, call the Seward LIO at 224-5066. Another important reminder: You can file your permanent fund application on-line at this link.

Legislative Teleconferences for Feb. 13

All legislative teleconferences are subject to change on short notice. If you wish to participate or would like updates, please call the Seward LIO at 224-5066. (H)HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES FINANCE SUBCOMMITTEE * Feb 13 Wednesday 7:30 AM HOUSE FINANCE 519 +   Preliminary Closeout TELECONFERENCED (S)SPECIAL COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION […]

Legislative Teleconferences for February 12

All teleconferences are subject to change. Call the Seward LIO if you wish to participate or for updates at 224-5066. (H)COMMUNITY & REGIONAL AFFAIRS STANDING COMMITTEE * Feb 12 Tuesday 8:00 AM BARNES 124 *+ HJR 30 DISAPPROVING KETCHIKAN ANNEXATION TELECONFERENCED + Bills Previously Heard/Scheduled TELECONFERENCED

Reading just got easier at the Seward Community Library.  Between Rasmuson, the Alaska Railroad and the City of Seward, four new couches have been installed in strategic places throughout the building.  Rasmuson Foundation donated $3000 which was matched with funds from the Alaska Railroad and the City of Seward.  The […]

Thanks to all the Safeway shoppers who participated in the 10% Back to School program last fall by  placing their sales receipts in the cans at the checkout stand.  Seward Elementary was one of the top 250 schools nation-wide during last fall’s promotion.  As a result, eScrip and Safeway donated […]

The Alaska Ocean Film Festival

The Alaska Ocean Film Festival

The Alaska Ocean Film Festival is making a big splash in Seward. We packed the High School Auditorium last year. Don’t get left ashore – Get to the show early! We each have a unique connection to the ocean. Many of us seek the sea for solitude or recreation. For […]

Legislative Teleconferences February 8


Seward DMV Office Closure

Seward Motor Vehicles Office Closure The City of Seward DMV office will be closed beginning February 8, 2008 at 12:00 pm and will re-open after a new employee has been hired and trained. We are sorry for any inconvenience! During the office closure you may contact the State of Alaska […]

SCN Rotary Speech

Note: This is a speech I gave to the Rotary Club of Seward this week about the Seward City News. I generally don’t like to contribute personally so that no one feels that I am for or against their ideas but it seemed that I ought to share this text. […]

Creative Cards with Sarah

Join Sarah Spanos as she leads a fun and creative card making class at the Seward High School, in the teachers lounge. Class is now $10 per person, but it is not too late to add your name to the list and check it out! Sarah will teach the students […]