“Heart of Alaska” Kickstarter Campaign

“Heart of Alaska” Kickstarter Campaign

“[A feature film] – What does the future hold for Alaska? One family walked and packrafted over 3 months and 800 miles to gain insight. From March through July of 2013 Hig, Erin, Katmai and Lituya walked and packrafted over 800 miles of Alaska coastline, around the edge of Cook Inlet. They fastidiously documented their adventure and have returned home […]

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Seward Filmaker’s Work to be Shown at Anchorage International Film Festival

Seward Filmaker’s Work to be Shown at Anchorage International Film Festival

Jason Aigeldinger for SCN – Alaskan Earthquake Artwork: Seward Children of 1964, a documentary by Seward filmmaker Kris Peck, will be shown at the Anchorage International Film Festival early next month. The four minute film consists of a collage of fragments or details of crayon on paper drawings created by a handful of children who had documented what they saw […]

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The Alaska SeaLife Center’s “Dot” Lays Her Eggs–283657091.html When a mother is expecting it is of interest how her little ones are developing. In this case, there are thousands of them. The Alaska SeaLife Center’s Giant Pacific Octopus “Dot” has laid eggs in one of the tanks in the Denizens of the Deep exhibit. Richard Hocking, Alaska SeaLife Center says, “its a species that has only been […]

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Seward Middle School eats their Fruits and Veggies

Click link for FOX Alaska News story on Seward Middle School: Seward Middle School eats their Fruits and Veggies. According to the Center for Disease Control, childhood obesity has more than quadrupled in adolescents – and folks in the city of Seward have decided to do something about it. Seward Middle School is competing for the nutri-bullet program – which […]

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The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie

NHS and SHS Theater Present The First Installment of our Winter Movies The Lego Movie “An ordinary Lego construction worker, thought to be the prophesied ‘Special’, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the Lego universe into eternal stasis.” Showing: Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 6:30pm All Ages Concessions for Sale Admission: suggested donation $5 […]

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Sugar Mountain stars fall in love with Seward

Sugar Mountain stars fall in love with Seward

And Seward’s loving the movie making too! By Heidi Zemach for SCN – Sugar Mountain, the independent movie being filmed in Seward is bringing in some money, some fun times, and a few small roles for local residents. Some 72 volunteer extras showed up for a sunny all-day shoot near the beach at Lowell Point Monday, March 31st. They included […]

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Snow River String Band at Anchorage Folk Festival

Snow River String Band at Anchorage Folk Festival

The Snow River String Band, a new bluegrass group from Seward, facilitated by Jim Pfeiffenberger, performed in front of an audience of 900 at the Anchorage Folk Festival Friday night, Jan 17. Check them out, video included below!

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S.T.E.M. Gaining Steam!

Five teachers from Seward, Moose Pass, and Hope, plus two parents, received their Lego Robotics Certification today after a 7-hour training at the middle school. Learn more about it. See the video here!

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The Health of the Ocean Matters to Me

The Health of the Ocean Matters to Me

See what students in our Ocean Sciences Club are saying about the ocean and what it means to them in this great video they made! The Alaska SeaLife Center’s Ocean Sciences Club for Seward secondary students began in September 2012, thanks to the Seward Community Foundation and Alaska Airlines Foundation. Over the course of the school year, students dug […]

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Running Mount Marathon: A Runner’s Perspective

Running Mount Marathon: A Runner’s Perspective

  Video By: Clint Farr of Juneau Courtesy of the Alaska Dispatch See Clint’s original essay here:    

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Bits of History – Eastern Mountains

Welcome to Bits of History! Lee has already taught us about the mountains on the western side of side of Seward. Now he takes us on a journey to the mountains east of Seward. Special thanks goes out to Harold Faust for assisting in the research of this “Bits” segment.

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Bits of History – All-Alaska Sweepstakes

Our award-winning series is back for 2013! Learn about the All-Alaska Sweepstakes and how it became an inspiration for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

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Storm Video 12/30/12

We took the following video on the way out to Lowell Pt. and also in town in the Sealife Center parking lot. Lots of wind and waves! Bixler McClure & Krystin Bablinskas

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Art & Writing Opportunities

Art & Writing Opportunities

New links have been added to our website for: Art Contest Writers Contest Music Video RFP Go to

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Bits of History – Alaska Flag, Part 2

Part Two of the Alaska Flag story explores the background of the Alaska Flag poem and song.

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Bits of History – Alaska Flag, Part 1

Take a 7-minute break to watch our latest “Bits of History” (there are no floods in this one): Stayed tuned next month for Part 2!

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Flooding Videos 9/20/12

Here is a short collection of shots from around town on the morning of 9/20/12 showing the flooding we are experiencing. Bixler McClure & Krystin Bablinskas

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Flooding at Lowell Creek Waterfall

We shot this video on 9/19/12 in the afternoon at Lowell Creek Waterfall of the crews working to clear out the stream/beach. Bixler McClure & Krystin Bablinskas

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Bits of History – Obihiro

We have another “Bits of History” and it’s just in time for the Sister City Student Exchange with Obihiro, Japan! Learn how our relationship with Obihiro began, and what has transpired over the years.

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Bits of History – William H. Seward

We’re still here and making movies about Seward’s history! Watch our latest “Bits of History” and learn about William H. Seward, our town’s namesake.

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Bits of History – A Research Guide

Learn how to research any aspect of Seward’s history via the library and museum resources.

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Bits of History – Naval Radio Station

Lee has fulfilled a request this month. The latest “Bits of History” is about the naval radio station… also known as that green building across the bay.  Watch to learn about its history and significance. As always, requests and comments are welcome.  If you missed any past episodes this year, visit the Bits of History Channel on YouTube.

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New DVD promotes Discussion on Smoking

New DVD promotes Discussion on Smoking

  By Heidi Zemach for SCN The community of Seward is well represented in a new hour-long video showcasing many diverse views on smoking, and the effects of second hand smoke. “Courage for our future: Striving for a Smoke-Free Community” has its first public showing Nov 18 during a Great American Smoke-Out event at AVTEC. It was produced by Lou […]

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Bits of History – Founding of Seward

The latest Bits of History is fresh off the reel!  Take five minutes out of your day to learn how Seward got its name.  If you have a spare weekend, be sure and visit the Seward Museum on 3rd and Jefferson to learn more interesting bits of Seward’s history.

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Bits of History – 1928 Marathon Race

The July 4th Mount Marathon race is approaching fast!  In honor of this race, Lee takes us back to 1928, when the Marathon record was shattered by a 14-year-old youth.

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