There have been exciting developments toward building our new Library Museum! Wells Fargo has committed to a challenge grant for this project. Wells Fargo will donate $25,000 toward the building if the community will raise a $25,000 match by September 2009. Are we up for this challenge? Seward has always […]

Coal Dust Past and Present

The coal export facility was built in Seward by Veco Construction back in the eighties. It was one of Veco’s largest projects to date and brought many jobs to town. I remember waiting and hoping to be selected from the casual laborers who gathered each morning to fill in for […]

AVTEC Spring Online Courses

Take classes from your home or office! All courses are instructor-led and meet online 1 or 2x per week. For more information and to register: or call 224-3322 Introduction and Intermediate Moodle INTRO TO MOODLE v1.9, 1-credit, Jan 22 – Feb 12; both courses meet online TH 4:30-6:00pm. INTERMEDIATE […]

Site Outage

Hello Readers, This morning we had a small malfunction that caused an error message to show on the site instead of the regular content. We are getting ready to move the Seward City News to new servers.This will allow the site to work faster and for great capabilities in the […]

SCN 2008 Google Analytics Report

Below is the 2008 Google Analytics site traffic for your  In 2008 69,000 visits to the site were made and 123,000 pages were viewed.  The SCN now has 2465 articles, 556 registered contributors and countless more who participate through comment additions.  Thank you to readers and contributors for your […]

How to Shorten Blackouts

During power outages or rolling blackouts of electricity citizens can help the electric utility by turning off nonessential electric equipment, appliances, lights, televisions, and computer devices until the power has been back on for several minutes.  Turning off lights helps, but much more effective assistance is achieved by turning off […]

SCN Analytics Data

Hello Readers. The Seward City News uses Google Analytics to organize data about how many folks are reading The News and what items seem to be of interest. This application produces tons of data at any given time. Since the Seward City News belongs to you, the reader, I thought […]

Net Metering

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska is accepting public comments for “net metering.” Net metering is an electricity policy for consumers who own, generally small, renewable energy facilities, such as wind or solar power. “Net”, in this context, is used in the sense of meaning “what remains after deductions” — in […]

There’s no doubt that life jackets save lives. In the United States an average of nine people a day die as a result of drowning – deaths that could have been prevented. But a life jacket that does not fit properly can put a person at risk of drowning. Proper […]

Nuclear fun!

At Monday’s Council meeting on March 24th, Phillip Oates announced that former part-time interim Seward City Manager Marvin Yoder now back in Galena, will be coming to Seward to present information on energy from a small nuclear power plant at a to-be-announced work session. Galena has been investigating this Toshiba […]

GCI Rate Adjustment

GCI had readjusted their cellular plan rates but you have to contact them to get the savings. Local Office 224-8912 Toll Free 1 800 800 4800 The plan I was using is now $30 a month cheaper, well worth the call.

Cell Network Trouble

Cell Network Trouble

There has been an apparent failure in a network circuit that is affecting cellular service here and in Anchorage. GCI local cell service has been affected since last night and the local office, 224-8912, does not know when it might be corrected. Currently, all calls out made on a GCI […]

Seward gets a new warning system

Seward gets a new warning system

By Russell Stigall For Seward City News KENAI PENINSULA – Warnings are a hoot. Actually they’re one long, steady hoot followed by a man’s voice giving the facts and actions one should follow to avoid danger. By way of Kenai Peninsula Borough resolution and funding, Chicago-based Federal Signal has installed […]

If you have trouble viewing this video

If you have trouble watching this video… Seward’s ho-hum internet connection speed and random clogs in the world wide web may prevent this video from playing, beginning to end, the first time play ( > ) is pressed. The video player may pause ( || ) on a dumfounded seagull […]

Help Support Ed Tech Funding in the Schools!

From: Ed Tech Action Network (ETAN): Action: The House of Representatives and the Senate are scheduled to take up the final version of the FY08 Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations bill, which contains $272 million for Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) program the week of November 5. Please email your […]

Cop Talk

Cop Talk

Seward residents now have a safe and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of fluorescent bulbs. The Alaska Cruise Association (ACA) donated the Bulb Eater, a machine that crushes and compacts the glass, to the city in late September. Citizens will be able to use the machine free of charge. Please contact […]