The most remote places in Alaska. Map by Dorte Dissing.

The Most Remote Place in the U.S.

by Ned Rozell- Richard Forman, a Harvard professor of landscape ecology, once visited a mangrove swamp in the Florida Everglades that he described as the most remote place in the eastern U.S. The swamp was 17 miles from any road. What’s the most remote spot in Alaska? Dorte Dissing once […]

Baby Beluga at Alaska Sealife Center

Baby Beluga at Alaska Sealife Center

The  adorable, ever-smiling baby beluga, Tyonek, loves to play. Today after his noon bottle feeding, a staff person from the Shedd Aquarium dribbled water drops into his eager mouth. He discovered the floating pool thermometer and pushed it expertly around like a little tug boat. The water, incidentally, was 46º, […]

Northern sea ice off the coast of Alaska. Photo by Ned Rozell.

Driven by Open Ocean, Arctic Continues to Warm

by Ned Rozell- NEW ORLEANS — At this gathering of thousands scientists at a horseshoe bend of the lower Mississippi River, a few talked about a place far away they have been watching for years. “The Arctic shows no sign of returning to the reliably frozen state it was a […]

Moose Pass Robotics Team: L to R Casey Bryden, Alejandro Sanchez, Francisco Sanchez, Jack Lindquist and Coach Wendy Bryden with trophies

Moose Pass Robotics Team Wins Two Awards in Kenai

The Moose Pass FIRST Lego® League Robotics team, the Moosebots, won two awards at the recent Kenai Peninsula Qualifier.  The team won the Robot Award and the Judges Award “Against All Odds.” The competition was held on Saturday, December 9th at the Aurora Borealis Charter School in Kenai. The team won […]

A snowmachiner in Thompson Pass measures snow depth with an avalanche probe. Photo by Gabe Wolken.

Skiers, Snowmachiners Help Improve Snow Models

by Ned Rozell- Snow falling silently on Alaska’s mountains will in a few months transform into a medium for migrating salmon, and so much more. “That snowflake that falls on the mountain now is water that flows in streams and rivers late in summer,” said Gabe Wolken, a glaciologist who […]

Eagle overlooking Resurrection Bay. Mt. Alie looms in the background. Photo by Brian Wright

Annual Eagle Migration Reaches Seward

By Brian Wright for Seward City News- Seward has been invaded. By eagles. Over the past couple weeks, the animal known as the symbol of our nation’s strength has flocked to Resurrection Bay in incredible numbers. A recent count in the area surrounding the lagoon noted at least 36 adult […]

Baby Beluga update

Baby Beluga update

Tyonek, the rescued baby Beluga whale, is growing! When he was admitted to the ASLC on September 30 at about a month old, he weighed 142 pounds. At 10 weeks, he weighs 205 pounds, and is 5 1/2 feet long. Experts from facilities all across the country have contributed to […]

Sleeper Shark salvaged by ASLC

Sleeper Shark salvaged by ASLC

A  dead Pacific Sleeper Shark washed ashore on Afognak Beach recently. On Sunday, a crew from the Alaska Sealife Center was able to haul it above the high tide line and secure it until they could return for the necropsy (autopsy for animals) and further study. The shark, about eight […]

An aerial view of Grewingk Glacier on an October day, fifty years to the month after the landslide and tsunami. The cliff to the right of the glacier could slide again, which local geologist believe could cause another massive tsunami. Photo: Bjorn Olson.

Grewingk Glacier Landslide and Tsunami

by Bjørn Olson- Imagine hovering in a helicopter above Grewingk Glacier Lake, in Kachemak Bay, fifty years ago. From this safe vantage, you watch as 80 Empire State Buildings worth of material slowly dislodge from the steep slope above the lake, and then let go all at once. Cleaved from […]

A beaver-cut poplar tree on the upper Tanana River.  Photo: Ned Rozell.

Beavers slapping tails on far-north waters

by Ned Rozell- Animals the size of Labrador retrievers are changing the face of Alaska, creating new ponds visible from space. “These guys leave a mark,” UAF ecologist Ken Tape said of North America’s largest rodents, beavers. He has observed the recent work of beavers north of Arctic Circle using […]

Science Cafe this Thursday Night!

Science Cafe this Thursday Night!

  Interested in science but hate lectures? Come join us for some Science “Speed Dating” at the first ever Seward Science Cafe. You’ll get to meet some locals and rotate through their tables to learn some of what’s going on right in your back yard. And you’ll get some free pizza […]

Baby Beluga In Public View!

Baby Beluga In Public View!

The baby Beluga whale delighted visitors at the Alaska Sealife Center this afternoon on public display in the outdoor pool. The baby whale was discovered  on the west side of Cook Inlet stranded at the beach and doomed to die. Belugas are a critically endangered species. The 2 to 4 week-old calf […]