The Alaska SeaLife Center Launches Chiswell Steller Sea Lion Fundraiser – 20 years of Steller sea lion research is in danger of ending

The Alaska SeaLife Center Launches Chiswell Steller Sea Lion Fundraiser – 20 years of Steller sea lion research is in danger of ending

The Alaska SeaLife Center, a non-profit organization, needs your help! In 1998, the Center’s research staff began studying Endangered Steller sea lions in the Gulf of Alaska using a remote video camera system.  The goal was to gather information without animal disturbance at the Chiswell Island breeding rookery, as well as other […]

Wind is an Alaskan resource we let slip through our fingers.

100% Renewable Alaska

An elegant proposal to transform Alaska’s Rail-Belt to 100% renewable energy. Article and Photos by Bjørn Olson Just after sunrise, the icy hoar frost clinging to the willow branches in the Tanana River Valley begin to shudder. At first, the wind comes in a light zephyr. Branches lazily sway; a […]

Electronic Waste and Recycling

Electronics are an integral part of our lives in the United States. We use computers and phones at work and home, and almost every house has a television. There are electronic components in our cars and appliances. When one of these many electronics breaks or a new phone model comes […]

Powering Across Alaska on Skis

Powering Across Alaska on Skis

By Ned Rozell- “Jeremy offers us only his incessant snoring to remind us that he is a man and not a god.” So wrote Seth Adams on an Instagram post showing Jeremy Vandermeer striding across a wind-whipped ridge near the frozen headwaters of the Ambler River. Adams is a writer […]

Bird Feathers and the Smell of Tangerines

Bird Feathers and the Smell of Tangerines

by Ned Rozell- Millions of Alaska birds nest on rocky emerald islands seen by few people other than ship captains. One of the funkiest of these creatures is the crested auklet, which looks like a bassist in a punk band and smells like a tangerine. These hand-size birds have intrigued […]

Kwiniuk, near Elim, with Tohru Saito. Photo by Ned Rozell.

Alaska Hot Springs, Far and Wide

by Ned Rozell- KANUTI HOT SPRINGS — After a few hours of skiing through deep snow, Forest Wagner and I smelled a tuna sandwich. We knew we were closing in on warm pools of water. From the frozen Kanuti River, we moved along an open stream up toward Kanuti Hot […]

Songbirds like this yellow-rumped warbler would probably do better in a world without people. Photo by Ned Rozell.

Alaska’s Creatures Without Us

by Ned Rozell- In Alan Weisman’s book, The World Without Us, the author ponders “a world from which we all suddenly vanished. Tomorrow.” People who study Alaska’s wildlife donated some thought to the subject. Alaska’s lack of people has benefited many species, including caribou, which still outnumber Alaskans, and salmon, which […]

A large field of aufeis on the Kuparuk River. Scientists think these ephemeral icefields might be places that enhance far-northern life in the winter and the summer. Photo by Jay Zarnetske.

Overflow Ice as Northern Oasis

by Ned Rozell- Overflow ice, also known as aufeis, is like a field of arctic daisies that comes back year after year. Aufeis that clogs northern valleys is born when frigid winter air meets cold water welling up to the ground’s surface. Aufeis dies when warm air finally melts it […]

NOAA Releases March 2018 Climate Report and Outlook

NOAA Releases March 2018 Climate Report and Outlook

  NOAA’s Regional Climate Services Program and partners created these Climate Outlooks to inform the public about recent climate impacts within their respective regions. Each regional report contains easy-to-understand language, and anyone can access them through the Drought Portal. The complete report including the outlook for April through June and […]

A NASA graphic showing some of the space junk their researchers are tracking.

Streaking, Manmade Lights in the Sky

by Ned Rozell- I slept outside a few nights ago. Lying a platform of packed snow, my face looking upward from the sleeping bag, I squinted at the Big Dipper. Within a few minutes, what appeared to be a moving star slanted across the dipper. Then another. And another. About […]