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Opinion: Facts about the R/V Sikuliaq

Written By Bill McCrossan – Having just read the Op-Ed Piece in the Seward Phoenix Log in support of Senator Begich  I feel compelled to respond. There is no way to post comments on the Seward Phoenix Logs website so I’ll post my comments here. Referring to the paragraph about […]

Opinion: Vote “YES” to retain Judge Estelle

Written by Renee Estelle – I am writing in support of Palmer’s Judge Estelle, up for retention vote this election cycle.  Over the years I have met several people who have worked professionally with my uncle.  They have all raved about what a good and fair judge he is and […]

Opinion: Parnell and Sullivan Fish Policies

It’s telling Sean Parnell and (Senate) Dan Sullivan aren’t running on their record of endangering Alaska’s salmon and other fish for corporate profit.  Who can blame them? In 2013 Parnell and (Senate Candidate) Sullivan pushed a bill letting toxic mines, like Pebble, take millions of gallons of water from our […]

Capra’s insightful new play debuts

Capra’s insightful new play debuts

Heidi Zemach for SCN – The Seward Arts Council and Port City Players debuted Doug Capra’s nuanced and thought-provoking historical play Wednesday evening during this week’s Alaska Historical Society’s 2014 Conference, being held this week in Seward. The reader’s theater version of the play, And Now the World Again, is […]

ALS and what it really means

ALS and what it really means

When my son Gabe started laughing at his phone, and explained that he had dumped a cold bucket of water over his head and called out his college buddies to take the A.L.S. challenge, I didn’t know what to think. What does dumping ice-water on your head have to do […]

Tom Bearup: An Alaskan Story

By Peter Zuyus Tom Bearup came to Alaska in the year 1975, settling in the town of Soldotna.  Very soon after arriving in Soldotna, Tom became a Soldotna Police Officer.   Tom soon met his future wife Adele, a local girl. She was raised in the Sterling/Soldotna area and graduated Kenai […]

Every vote counts

In Alaska, we like our elections razor-thin – particularly in the primary when most of the electorate stays home. Four years ago was a particularly good year for close elections. Despite a white-hot U.S. Senate race and an important abortion ballot measure, only a third of the electorate bothered to […]

Opinion: Repeal the “Giveaway” on August 19

Submitted by Bjørn Olson – Why I am against SB 21 and believe we need to repeal the ‘giveaway’ this August 19th. I am from and therefore of Alaska. What I know about life, the world and living has been acquired while existing almost exclusively in Alaska. In other words, Alaska […]

A night with Kimya Dawson

A night with Kimya Dawson

Alexis De Leon for the Seward City News – The excitement building at the Yukon Bar is felt throughout Fourth St.; entering the bar it seems everyone in Seward has crammed into the joint for the occasion.  Kimya Dawson is the buzz of the town. The former singer/songwriter of the Indie/Folk […]

More Hardware Installed on Mount Marathon

On a recent run up the mountain yesterday, I noticed that the “hardware” that was previously installed on the lower waterfall has been expanded. Instead of just a couple of rickety steel hand-holds (I saw one popped off a while ago), there are now sections of rebar and rubber house […]

Opinion: Seat Belt Law

How many people think the seat belt law is BS. I can understand if there was a law that says anyone under the age of 16 should wear a seat belt, that would seem reasonable. The insurance companies pushed it onto the people for insurance purposes. It should be our […]

Our Local Governments Deserve More Respect

I am often asked how I differ from Governor Parnell. One significant difference is how we view local governments. Over the past six years, a pattern has developed with Parnell disrespecting our local governments.  Here are a few examples. Veiled Funding Threats: Parnell recently threatened fiscal retaliation against the Ketchikan […]

Senior Response To Exemption Vote

Thank you Assembly members, Kelly Wolf, Wayne Ogle, Dale Bagley, Charlie Pierce and Sue McClure for your vote against Ordinance 2013-36 that would have raised taxes on about 20 percent of KPB Seniors. Your votes were a significant step in protecting Senior benefits and rights that some of your fellow […]

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, The recent efforts by the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance Inc. (AFCA Inc.) to push for a ballot initiative that would effectively eliminate set gillnetting from Cook Inlet are deeply concerning to me.  As a person engaged in Cook Inlet fisheries, I recognize and respect the contributions of my […]

The Affordable Care Act and you

Brent Ursel PA-C   The sky is falling, the sky is falling. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are riding white horses bearing the names ACA. The ACA is the worst thing to happen to America since pureed liver. President Obama is personally heading up Death Panels to decide who in […]