ANOTHER Swan killed by Lagoon power lines!!!

I  just received confirmation that a 4-month old TRUMPETER SWAN cygnet hit the power lines along the Lagoon at Dairy Hill Lane on Sunday afternoon and died of its injuries. Seward power lines have killed eight young resident swans since 2014, all but two at the Lagoon power lines: January […]

Seward Safeway Parking Lot on the Morning of Oct 1. Photo: Brian Wright.

A Letter from the Family of Micah McComas

This letter was submitted to Seward City News by Scott and Krista Smith, the sister and brother-in-law of Micah McComas. This week our family has become a reluctant, but passionate champion of the rights of victims’ and victims’ family’s rights.  On Sunday, October 1, we were informed that our son, […]

Fall colors. Photo: Allison Sayer

Letter FROM the Editor

As the leaves have changed again, I realize it has been a year since I wrote my first article for the Valdez City News. Since then, I have had the good fortune to write many features for the Seward City News and have become an editor for the site. I […]

Letter to the Editor: Medical Access

Letter to the Editor: Medical Access

The following letter to the editor, “Medical Access” was submitted by Holly Abel- I’m a life-long Alaskan, mother of two and mental health professional whose passions are prevention and health promotion.  I don’t consume cannabis, alcohol, caffeine, drugs or television.  I thank God for the free will and discernment He […]

Save the Whale?

I noticed the other day some construction work going on around the large humpback whale and cormorant mural that is on the south side of Christo’s Palace restaurant. This started to concern me as the workers were painting red markers on the wall, some of them covering the mural. I […]

You Can Stop This!

YOU CAN HELP STOP THIS! The state school board is proposing to close the high school pool for the months of June and July, due to budget constraints. This is unconscionable. The pool is is an absolute necessity for those of us who are older, and who have lifelong diseases […]

Thank You Seward!

Dear Editor – On March 17th and 18th Marathon Wrestling Club hosted a 2 day wrestling tournament at the Alaska Railroad Cruise Ship Terminal in Seward.  During the 2 day event, 676 wrestlers competed in Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling matches.  Our goal was to provide a safe venue that could […]