A snowmachiner in Thompson Pass measures snow depth with an avalanche probe. Photo by Gabe Wolken.

Skiers, Snowmachiners Help Improve Snow Models

by Ned Rozell- Snow falling silently on Alaska’s mountains will in a few months transform into a medium for migrating salmon, and so much more. “That snowflake that falls on the mountain now is water that flows in streams and rivers late in summer,” said Gabe Wolken, a glaciologist who […]

Lowell Point Road Damaged by 13.7′ High Tide and Surf

Lowell Point Road Damaged by 13.7′ High Tide and Surf

Waves pummeled Lowell Point Road today, flinging rocks and woody debris clear across the road. Motorists navigated cautiously between the ocean spray, road rubble, deep puddles, and falling rocks. At particularly narrow spots, timing was essential to dart past before the waves returned to slam into the roadside. Several sections […]

13.7′ High Tide Batters Shoreline

13.7′ High Tide Batters Shoreline

The highest tide of the year, 13.7′, peaked at 1:05 pm today. The Seward Harbor ramps down to the docks were almost level. Fortunately the harbor waters were protected and calm. Combined with a strong surf and south wind, the wild ocean battered Seward’s shoreline. Powerful waves shot up all […]

Eagle overlooking Resurrection Bay. Mt. Alie looms in the background. Photo by Brian Wright

Annual Eagle Migration Reaches Seward

By Brian Wright for Seward City News- Seward has been invaded. By eagles. Over the past couple weeks, the animal known as the symbol of our nation’s strength has flocked to Resurrection Bay in incredible numbers. A recent count in the area surrounding the lagoon noted at least 36 adult […]

An aerial view of Grewingk Glacier on an October day, fifty years to the month after the landslide and tsunami. The cliff to the right of the glacier could slide again, which local geologist believe could cause another massive tsunami. Photo: Bjorn Olson.

Grewingk Glacier Landslide and Tsunami

by Bjørn Olson- Imagine hovering in a helicopter above Grewingk Glacier Lake, in Kachemak Bay, fifty years ago. From this safe vantage, you watch as 80 Empire State Buildings worth of material slowly dislodge from the steep slope above the lake, and then let go all at once. Cleaved from […]

A beaver-cut poplar tree on the upper Tanana River.  Photo: Ned Rozell.

Beavers slapping tails on far-north waters

by Ned Rozell- Animals the size of Labrador retrievers are changing the face of Alaska, creating new ponds visible from space. “These guys leave a mark,” UAF ecologist Ken Tape said of North America’s largest rodents, beavers. He has observed the recent work of beavers north of Arctic Circle using […]

A Conibear body trap similar to the one that snared Valdez resident, Chris Moulton's pet

Pets and Traps: Avoiding Backcountry Encounters

by Brian Wright for Seward City News- When Valdez resident Chris Moulton heard a horrible shriek echo through the dark forest, he knew instantly his dog was in trouble. Moulton was hiking with his husky-Shepard mix, Nukka, on the Keystone Canyon Trail, a popular hiking trail. Though he was aware […]

A winter bicycle commuter comfortably rides a Kenai Peninsula road on a cold mid-winter day. Photo: Bjørn Olson.

Winter Bicycle Commuting

by Bjørn Olson- Bright lights from an approaching vehicle cast a long shadow ahead of me. I was riding my bicycle on an icy road; the light grew brighter and my shadow more defined. I felt apprehension as the vehicle advanced from behind, at full speed. With no shoulder to […]