Photo from the Seafood Expo North America in Boston. Photo by Jake Jacobsen

Fish Factor: Ugly Crab, Hatchery Hauls, and Tracking FVs

by Laine Welch- Get Ugly “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” is the message Alaska crab marketers are pushing to encourage their customers to put appearances aside. “We’re telling them to Get Ugly,” said Tyson Fick, executive director of the trade group, Alaska Bering Sea Crabbers, speaking of the new […]

Boundary monument 112, damaged by river ice, at the Yukon River crossing east of Eagle. Photo by Ned Rozell.

The Thin Line Between Canada and Alaska

by Ned Rozell- Marked by metal cones and a clear-cut swath 20 feet wide, Alaska’s border with Canada is one of the great feats of wilderness surveying. The boundary between Alaska and Canada is 1,538 miles long. The line is obvious in some places, such as the Yukon River valley, […]

Thank You for another successful tournament!

Thank You for another successful tournament!

Pictured are Jubilee and Adelai Andersen, along with their little sister. Marathon Wrestling Club would like to thank the many businesses and people of our community that came together to help us pull off another successful USA wrestling tournament at the Alaska Railroad Terminal, March 2nd & 3rd, 2018!  During […]

A Ski to Remember

A Ski to Remember

The following article was written by Seward High School senior Ruby Lindquist.  To view pictures of the skiers at the state race and also peruse other high school news, please visit https://shstoday.org/ What does it feel like to cross a finish line, leaving absolutely everything you have on the course? The […]

A detail of William Dall’s 1870 Alaska map, from “Alaska and its Resources.” 

A Scientist’s View of Alaska, 150 Years Ago

by Ned Rozell- One year before Alaska became part of America, 21-year old William Dall ascended the Yukon River on a sled, pulled by dogs. The man who left his name all over the state was in 1866 one of the first scientists to document the mysterious peninsula jutting toward […]

Children participating in PLAAY in Seward. Photo by Julie DeBoard.

The Power of PLAAYing Together

by Justine Pechuzal for Seward City News- Over fifty years ago, President John F. Kennedy deemed ‘Chicken Fat’ the theme song for his national youth fitness program.  It seems unlikely now that a song named after poultry pudge would inspire fitness, but the 1960’s were a different era. A sensation […]

Seward High Art: Playing Cards

Seward High Art: Playing Cards

For this project, we looked at playing cards and talked about rotational symmetry – where a design is flipped 180 degrees instead of being a mirror image. Here is what SHS Art Students came up with for their own designs!  More work at our Blog here 🙂 Clara Lee Riley […]

The Super Saturated Sugar Strings. Photo courtesy of the band.

Super Saturated Sugar Strings Sensation

by Justine Pechuzal for Seward City News- Get ready Seward, The Super Saturated Sugar Strings are coming to town! (If the tongue-twister is too much for you, Sugar Strings will do.) This rousing six piece band from Anchorage boasts a piano, percussion, guitar, cello, violin, trumpet and bass in their […]