Sea otter eating a crab. Photo by Allison Sayer.

Fish Factor: Sea Otters, CFEC Seats, and Fish Trends

by Laine Welch- Sea otters and their devastating impacts on Southeast Alaska shellfish were among the many emotionally-charged topics at the state Board of Fisheries marathon meeting running from January 11-23 in Sitka.  The Board was set to address 153 proposals for state subsistence, commercial, sport, guided sport, and personal use fisheries for the […]

Your Hair Knows Where You’ve Been

Your Hair Knows Where You’ve Been

by Ned Rozell- Sprouting from your head at the rate of more than three inches a year, hair is a recorder of the things you eat and drink and where you ate and drank them. An Ottawa-based researcher once assembled a countrywide database of Canadians’ hair designed to help the […]

Letter from the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Letter from the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

By Tom Barrett President, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company- In 2017, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company marked 40 years of operating the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. And thanks to strong efforts by North Slope producers, 2017 also marked the second annual increase in TAPS throughput since 2002. Every new year brings new […]

Cropped image of the Porcupine caribou herd captured in July 2017 by Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist Nate Pamperin. Pamerin and others at the agency used the images to count a record number of caribou in 2017, about 218,000. Images courtesy of Nate Pamperin, Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Image of Porcupine Herd Travels Cross Country

by Ned Rozell- There are no photographs of bison spilling by the thousands across the Great Plains. By the time cameras came along, most of the bison were gone. John Wright of Fairbanks believes he has an Alaska version of what that photo might have been. His image, 12 slide […]

An American dipper on the Sanctuary River in Denali National Park. Photo by Ned Rozell.

Dippers Swim Alaska Rivers Throughout Winter

by Ned Rozell- On the upper Chena River in the heart of a cold winter, a songbird appeared on a gravel bar next to gurgling water that somehow remained unfrozen in 20-below zero air. Then the bird jumped in, disappeared underwater, and popped up a few feet upstream. The bird […]

Pick.Click.Give. SeaView Community Services

Pick.Click.Give. SeaView Community Services

Happy New Year Seward! Please consider SeaView Community Services this year when you apply for your 2018 PFD and make a donation through the Pick.Click.Give. Program. SeaView Community Services has been serving the greater Seward area since 1972 and provides treatment, therapy and community support services for those experiencing serious […]

Foreman Mark Hanson and driver Tavis Chaffin at the Thompson Pass DOT shop. Photo by Allison Sayer.

Keeping Thompson Pass Clear

by Allison Sayer for Seward City News- What’s it like to drive a plow truck in one of the snowiest places on earth? And what kind of equipment can move all that snow? I visited the DOT station in Thompson Pass on December 21 to learn more about this tough […]

Cordova Harbor. Photo by Allison Sayer.

Fish Factor: Fishing Picks and Pans of 2017

by Laine Welch- For 27 years this weekly column has featured news for and about Alaska’s commercial fishing industry. It began in 1991 in the Anchorage Daily News and now appears in more than 20 news outlets across Alaska, nationally and in the UK. Today, Alaska fishermen and processors provide 65 […]

Adolescent black bear walking in Breeze Inn Lobby on Sunday.

Seward City News Top Stories of 2017

by Allison Sayer for Seward City News- 2017 has been a busy year for Seward, with many ups and downs. Seward City News had strong readership this year, and we are thankful to you for that. We are also grateful that you submit your important events and announcements to keep […]

The most remote places in Alaska. Map by Dorte Dissing.

The Most Remote Place in the U.S.

by Ned Rozell- Richard Forman, a Harvard professor of landscape ecology, once visited a mangrove swamp in the Florida Everglades that he described as the most remote place in the eastern U.S. The swamp was 17 miles from any road. What’s the most remote spot in Alaska? Dorte Dissing once […]