Seward sued for discharged pollutants

Documents send in by Trustees of Alaska TA- Final City Complaint PDF (70.5kb)> TA- City of Seward Exhibit A PDF (279kb)> Visit the Web sites of KTUU or Alaska Report to read more about the Trustees of Alaska, Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance & Alaska Community Action on Toxics lawsuit. Details […]

Fuel Prices

Sent in by Vanta Shafer Monday night, the Seward City Council and Administration had a discussion about the budget for 2007. As gas, fuel and electrical prices have greatly increased with the price of oil, the City Council has been searching for ways to help our community financially through the […]

Mary Lowell Center conference center feasibility study

By Russell Stigall – The city of Seward will need aggressive marketing and the support of locals to make successful the proposed Mary Lowell Center conference facility. “Success will require providing a very high quality conference experience,” said Chris Beck of Agnew Beck Consultants, the group that carried out […]

Public Funds and Community Benefit

I attended the IMS presentation at the Aug 8th work session with interest. I agree that updating and expansion of the UAF Institute of Marine Science facility, including replacement of the aging Alpha Helix is long overdue; however I do not agree that expending tax dollars to construct a dedicated […]


A commentary for by Tim McDonald Councilman Robert Thomas takes exception to my public comments that “I smell Pork sizzling” at the last city council meeting. Also he accused me of inflating the estimates for new Ballaine Blvd replacement picnic pavilions to $500,000 each when estimates are less.