Letter of Concern

Letter of Concern

Extreme environmental factions are restricting economic development and employment opportunities here on the Kenai Peninsula and throughout Alaska. These groups have a propensity for placing roadblocks on business and development opportunities. In Seward, environmental investigation and impact statement requirements, have been aimed at business from the Alaska Railroad, Seward Ships, […]

Electric bills spike when Seward is cut off

December 13, 2007 To the City Council, City Manager Phillip Oates, Assistant City Manager Kirsten Vesel, City Clerk Jean Lewis, and staff, Due to natural gas shortages, Chugach Electric cut Seward off twice in December, forcing the city to run its diesel generators. I understand that this can happen any […]

2007 Economic Forum Results

2007 Economic Forum Results

Economic Forum Results   Top 10 Things/Themes for Support of Business   Encourage movement between downtown and harbor Install attractive and informative signage (wood) including maps Develop walking tours with graphic images along the designated route Develop an awning policy to encourage walking and incentives to install awnings Connect the […]

and More Budget Process Thoughts

Monday nights work session was one of the most productive budget work session I have attended in this city. The city managers revised Budget Introduction was well put, input and questions from the council and the audience, thank you Mayor Corbridge for allowing public input, was well thought out and […]

More Budget Process Thoughts

1) The Seasonal Sales Tax may look good in the budget document, but what are the adverse affects on the businesses?, summer workers? and citizens? of Seward. It costs businesses to change register and computer programs; summer workers, that are heavily relied upon by many businesses, will migrate to other […]

2008 Preliminary Operating Budget

Here is the budget in electronic [pdf] form thanks to the folks at the City Clerks Office. The file is also available from the City website in the ‘news‘ section. The file has been optimized for web viewing but is still quite large at 4.5 Mb. It may take some […]

Thoughts about the Budget Process

Based on the City Managers Budget Introduction the ’08 budget is a work of art – for a top down budget. As always at this time of the year it’s a matter of what services the citizens want to see cut if they are unwilling to pony-up for tax and/or […]

City Legislative History Document Database

City Legislative History Document Database

My vision to put the city’s legislative history on a document imaging database, that can be viewed by the public anytime, and can be stored off-site for disaster recovery if needed, finally came to fruition TODAY with the final touch of linking it on our website.   The city’s legislative […]

Bring back the Tusty!

It’s time for the annual Ferry Schedule Review.  There will be a teleconference on Wednesday, July 11 at 2 PM to take public comment regarding adjustments to the proposed operating plans for the upcoming year.  For details on that teleconference go to the State of Alaska home page and […]

Public Notice- Boat Harbor Travel Lift

Public Notice- Boat Harbor Travel Lift

Alaska Coastal Management Program Seward Boat Harbor Travel Lift Your Opportunity to Comment Project Title/State ID#: Seward Boat Harbor Travel Lift/AK0706-12AA Applicant/Agent: City of Seward/Tryck Nyman Hayes Inc. Location: Kenai Peninsula Borough Coastal District. The project is located on the north shore of the Seward Small Boat Harbor; within Section […]

Information on the Long-Term Care Facility Site

By: City Manager Phillip Oates Why is the City of Seward considering a different site for the Long Term Care Facility? A number of factors made it prudent to reconsider the original decision. At the site adjacent to Japp Creek, results of the October 2006 flood generated new requirements that […]

The northwest corner of 3rd and Jefferson has been a hot topic over the years for the Chamber, our members, and the community at large. Again, we are caught between fiscal realities and historic preservation. Our mission, “to promote and support a diversified economy,” reflects our commitment to Seward’s business […]

Community Needs Assessment Survey Results

The City of Seward, through staff efforts and program resources of the AmeriCorps VISTA program, created and distributed a Community Needs Assessment Survey in the fall of 2006. The survey was distributed to every box holder at the Seward Post Office, the end result of which was a total of […]

Conference Center Not Feasible

February 6, 2007 Chris Beck Agnew Beck Re: the City of Seward Conference Center in the Mary Lowell Center Feasibility Assessment I attended the first public meetings concerning the feasibility of a Seward Conference Center on November 16 and 20, 2006 titled “Seward Conference Center Feasibility Assessment”. I have […]

State Disaster Assistance

State Disaster Assistance

For Individuals and Families in the Chugach Rural Education Attendance Area (REAA) (Cordova & Valdez), Copper River REAA (Richardson Hwy to Glennallen), Kenai Peninsula Borough (Seward & Seldovia), and the McCarthy area who suffered damages to real property (primary residence), personal property, and transportation during the October 2006 flooding. To […]