Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Investigation at Bear Glacier during 2018 Summer Season

Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Investigation at Bear Glacier during 2018 Summer Season

Contact: Shauna Potocky, (907) 422-0530, Seward, AK –Bear Glacier is located on the Kenai Peninsula southwest of Resurrection Bay and Seward, Alaska.  The lower (proglacial) lake in front of Bear Glacier is a popular recreation area for kayaking, sight-seeing, stand-up paddleboarding, surfing and camping. Twelve kilometers above the terminus […]

Tamara and Phyllis standing by the aluminum recycling bin located next to the Seward Marine Sciences Building.


“Seward is our home. My husband and I like being self-sufficient. For us, recycling, reducing, and reusing has always been a pretty natural way to live.” I first met Phyllis Shoemaker at a Sustainable Seward: reduce, recycle, renew monthly meeting a few months ago. This is a community-run group that […]

Wind is an Alaskan resource we let slip through our fingers.

100% Renewable Alaska

An elegant proposal to transform Alaska’s Rail-Belt to 100% renewable energy. Article and Photos by Bjørn Olson Just after sunrise, the icy hoar frost clinging to the willow branches in the Tanana River Valley begin to shudder. At first, the wind comes in a light zephyr. Branches lazily sway; a […]

Electronic Waste and Recycling

Electronics are an integral part of our lives in the United States. We use computers and phones at work and home, and almost every house has a television. There are electronic components in our cars and appliances. When one of these many electronics breaks or a new phone model comes […]

Powering Across Alaska on Skis

Powering Across Alaska on Skis

By Ned Rozell- “Jeremy offers us only his incessant snoring to remind us that he is a man and not a god.” So wrote Seth Adams on an Instagram post showing Jeremy Vandermeer striding across a wind-whipped ridge near the frozen headwaters of the Ambler River. Adams is a writer […]

National Forest Surveys Coming Your Way!!

Soon, you may see more Chugach National Forest employees working in developed and dispersed recreation sites and along Forest Service roads. They will be dressed in uniform and standing next to a sign that says “Survey Site Please Stop.” Just like the postman, these folks may be out in all […]

Bird Feathers and the Smell of Tangerines

Bird Feathers and the Smell of Tangerines

by Ned Rozell- Millions of Alaska birds nest on rocky emerald islands seen by few people other than ship captains. One of the funkiest of these creatures is the crested auklet, which looks like a bassist in a punk band and smells like a tangerine. These hand-size birds have intrigued […]