Author: waterdog

Improv Comedy show Saturday August 25th

Ready for laughs?  Tangled Lines will be hosting an improv comedy show Saturday August 25th at the Rae Building, 8pm.  If you seen ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway,’ you get the idea, all suggestions for scene content comes from the audience.  This is our final show for 2018, so don’t […]

Improv comedy this coming Sunday!

Tangled Lines Improv will be performing 2 improv shows this coming Sunday, the 23rd of August, at 7pm and 9pm. $8 at the door. 50% discount for all certified Rocket Scientists. Bring an unusual object to be used in a scene! Location: Rae Building, across from the Sea Life Center […]

Improv show Saturday July 18th!

‘Tangled Lines’ improv will be hosting two improv shows at the Rae building Saturday, 7pm and 9pm! Cost is $8 at the door, 50% discount for US Olympic Gold Medalists under 5′ tall. Bring an unusual item to bring as a prop! The Rae building is at the southern end […]