Author: Carol Griswold

Conference Center Not Feasible

February 6, 2007 Chris Beck Agnew Beck Re: the City of Seward Conference Center in the Mary Lowell Center Feasibility Assessment I attended the first public meetings concerning the feasibility of a Seward Conference Center on November 16 and 20, 2006 titled “Seward Conference Center Feasibility Assessment”. I have […]

2006 Seward Christmas Bird Count report

2006 Seward Audubon Christmas Bird Count Report Count Day: December 30, 2006 Low 26º, high 32º, winds 0-15 mph, snow depth 15” to 36”, cloudy with periods of light snow. Sunrise 10:01 am, sunset 3:59 pm, for a total of 5 hours, 58 minutes. Blizzards and power outages cancelled the […]

Dec 27, 2006 Sporadic Bird Report

December 27, 2006 Seward, Alaska Sporadic Bird Report Sunrise 10:02 am, sunset 3:55 pm, length of day 5 hours, 48 minutes; tomorrow will be 1 minute and 12 seconds LONGER. The blizzards, power outages, and cold temperatures of last week gave way to a couple beautiful, sunny, and cold days […]

Sporadic Bird Report

December 7, 2006 Seward, Alaska Sporadic Bird Report Sunrise 9:45 am, sunset 3:52 pm; length of day 6 hours, 7 minutes; tomorrow will be 2 minutes and 24 seconds shorter as we sink to the winter solstice. Snow showers and rain fading to mist make for lots of spots on […]

Sporadic Bird Report: Swans!

October 27, 2006 Seward, Alaska Sporadic Bird Report Swans! This afternoon at 1:25, 44 swans sailed south on a brisk north wind, calling wildly, in a very loose and wide bow formation. What a beautiful sight! White against the blue sky. I understand the weather to the north of Moose […]

Sporadic Bird Report: October 27, 2006

October 27, 2006 Seward, Alaska Sporadic Bird Report 34º at 9 am, clear skies, light breeze from the north. Snow back up on the mountain tops as “termination dust” where it should be. Sunrise 9:08 am, sunset 6:13 pm, for a total of 9 hours, 5 minutes, tomorrow will be […]