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KPB Senior Exemption Under Attack

At the last assembly meeting, KPB Mayor Navarre introduced Ordinance 2016-24 to eliminate the KPB Senior Citizen property exemption. The Mayor’s proposal attempts to create inter and intra generational warfare by turning the KPB community against Seniors and also turning current Seniors against future Seniors. Mayor Navarre has asserted that […]

Seniors “Myths, Innuendos and False Narratives”

By Peter T. Zuyus The Senior community in Alaska is a vibrant, growing community that has a significant economic impact on the state and boroughs. Politicians of all persuasions frequently point toward Seniors when looking for ways to increase revenue or as a convenient group to place “soft” blame for […]

Senior Citizen Survey Results for District 6 Candidates

Thank you District 6 candidates Kenn Carpenter and Brandii Holmdahl for participating in this Senior Citizen Survey. In addition to the economic issues facing our state and boroughs, there are several issues of particular importance to our KPB Senior population. Seniors on the peninsula number approximately 10,000 and provide a […]

Senior Response To Exemption Vote

Thank you Assembly members, Kelly Wolf, Wayne Ogle, Dale Bagley, Charlie Pierce and Sue McClure for your vote against Ordinance 2013-36 that would have raised taxes on about 20 percent of KPB Seniors. Your votes were a significant step in protecting Senior benefits and rights that some of your fellow […]