Author: muddypaws

Electronic Waste and Recycling

Electronics are an integral part of our lives in the United States. We use computers and phones at work and home, and almost every house has a television. There are electronic components in our cars and appliances. When one of these many electronics breaks or a new phone model comes […]

National Forest Surveys Coming Your Way!!

Soon, you may see more Chugach National Forest employees working in developed and dispersed recreation sites and along Forest Service roads. They will be dressed in uniform and standing next to a sign that says “Survey Site Please Stop.” Just like the postman, these folks may be out in all […]

Walk Across Alaska with Boys and Girls Club

Walk Across Alaska with Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club of the Kenai Peninsula invite all elementary school children to “Walk Across Alaska”! With support from a grant from Providence Seward Medical Center and through the nationwide Triple Play Program, children are challenged to log miles from April 4-May 18. All elementary school children (preschool through […]

Save the Whale?

I noticed the other day some construction work going on around the large humpback whale and cormorant mural that is on the south side of Christo’s Palace restaurant. This started to concern me as the workers were painting red markers on the wall, some of them covering the mural. I […]

Who Wants the GreatLander BushMailer?

I have taken photographic record over this winter of the large amount of trash generated from the unwanted BushMailer publications. I took it upon myself to contact the printing company to see how we can stop the delivery of this newspaper to those that do not want it. They gave […]