Author: Dan Nelson

CERT Training offered in Seward

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Office of Emergency Management is pleased to present a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class in Seward.  CERT is a program that teaches residents skills that could be useful in an emergency where traditional first responders may be overwhelmed.  Among the skills taught include fire suppression, […]

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training offered

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training offered

The Kenai Peninsula Borough, Office of Emergency Management is pleased to announce that the next Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) team training will be held beginning Friday August 26 through September 1 in Seward.  This course  is designed to prepare residents that do not have prior emergency response background on […]

Nash Road Warning Siren Test – Wednesday morning

This summer, the Kenai Peninsula Borough is performing maintenance on all of the warning siren sites on the Kenai Peninsula.  At the conclusion of this maintenance, an audible test must be conducted to ensure the siren is in working order. That test will take place on Nash Road tomorrow, Wednesday […]

Space remains for CERT training in January

What would you do if a natural disaster struck now?  Do you have a plan to keep your family and neighbors safe?  Do you have a kit of emergency supplies to ensure that you can be self-sufficient?  Do you know what to do in case someone is hurt and emergency […]