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Wind is an Alaskan resource we let slip through our fingers.

100% Renewable Alaska

An elegant proposal to transform Alaska’s Rail-Belt to 100% renewable energy. Article and Photos by Bjørn Olson Just after sunrise, the icy hoar frost clinging to the willow branches in the Tanana River Valley begin to shudder. At first, the wind comes in a light zephyr. Branches lazily sway; a […]

Letters: Divest the Permanent Fund

by Bjørn Olson- The Alaska Permanent Fund to Consider Fossil Fuel Divestment Organizations around the world are divesting from fossil fuels, and a lot of the talk is about the moral imperative to do so in the face of climate change. But at this point it may also make financial […]

An aerial view of Grewingk Glacier on an October day, fifty years to the month after the landslide and tsunami. The cliff to the right of the glacier could slide again, which local geologist believe could cause another massive tsunami. Photo: Bjorn Olson.

Grewingk Glacier Landslide and Tsunami

by Bjørn Olson- Imagine hovering in a helicopter above Grewingk Glacier Lake, in Kachemak Bay, fifty years ago. From this safe vantage, you watch as 80 Empire State Buildings worth of material slowly dislodge from the steep slope above the lake, and then let go all at once. Cleaved from […]

A winter bicycle commuter comfortably rides a Kenai Peninsula road on a cold mid-winter day. Photo: Bjørn Olson.

Winter Bicycle Commuting

by Bjørn Olson- Bright lights from an approaching vehicle cast a long shadow ahead of me. I was riding my bicycle on an icy road; the light grew brighter and my shadow more defined. I felt apprehension as the vehicle advanced from behind, at full speed. With no shoulder to […]

Heart of Alaska – Film Tonight at Rae Building

Heart of Alaska – Film Tonight at Rae Building

Bjorn Olson has bicycled over from Homer to screen his feature film, ‘Heart of Alaska’. The film will play in Seward one night before traveling on to Cordova, Valdez and Anchorage, where it has been accepted into the Anchorage International Film Festival. The film will screen at the KM Rae […]

Heart of Alaska – Film on Tour

Heart of Alaska – Film on Tour

Heart of Alaska, the feature documentary, is on tour through south central Alaska this November and December, with a scheduled screening in Seward on November 24th at the KM Rae Building. Film synopsis: Hig, Erin and their two children walk out of their comfortable home on a cold March predawn […]