Author: Allison Sayer

Happy Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

Happy Elizabeth Peratrovich Day

Today marks the Anniversary of the Alaska Territory Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945. It is named “Elizabeth Peratrovich Day” because of Elizabeth Peratrovich’s essential work towards getting the Act passed. Prior to the Anti-Discrimination act, public facilities, private businesses, housing, hotels, and schools were segregated. The situation was much like the […]

Typical La Niña winters in North America. Image courtesy of NOAA Drawn by Fiona Martin.

El Niño, La Niña, and Alaska Temperatures

By Allison Sayer for Seward City News – It doesn’t take a climate scientist to tell that this winter in Southcentral Alaska has been colder than the past two winters. The Kenai Peninsula is buried in snow, and much of the interior has experienced the prolonged cold the old timers […]

Chair 6. Photo: Alyeska Resort/Ralph Kristopher

Alyeska Opens Chair 6

By Allison Sayer for Seward City News – Before the lifts opened on Wednesday, December 21, a small crowd of mostly Girdwood locals were waiting on line at the base of Alyeska Resort. The skiers waiting for the lifts to open were chatty and friendly. Many had not seen each […]

Frost Crystals Destabilize Snow

Winter Snow Sports are Here!

The winter sports season has begun on the Kenai Peninsula and in Girdwood. Snow cover in many areas remains light, but Alaskans are still getting out into the Chugach National Forest. Alyeska Resort opened officially on Thanksgiving weekend. Ted’s Express and the Bear Cub Quad (Chair 3 and Chair 4) […]

The Lagoon. Red oval shows dog's approximate location.

Dog Rescued from Benson Lagoon

At around noon on Tuesday October 25, a group of Seward residents out for a walk on Chamberlain Road noticed a dog in the middle of Benson Lagoon. The dog had apparently fallen through the ice. It was keeping its head above the water, but it was not making progress […]

Inside the AVTEC simulator bridge. Photo: Allison Sayer.

AVTEC Maritime Simulator gets a major upgrade

The icebreaker was called in to assist in towing a platform through thick pack ice. One ship was already towing ahead, and a tugboat was trailing behind. The convoy was not making sufficient headway, and the ice was getting thicker. As I drove the icebreaker towards the head of the […]

Seiners on Prince William Sound. Photo: Allison Sayer

What happened to the pink salmon?

By Allison Sayer for Seward City News – Prince William Sound pink salmon fishermen are glad to have this season, described by one captain as “biblically bad” behind them. The salmon harvest was less than 30% of the expected harvest for this year. Prince William Sound was not alone; Kodiak, […]