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Girl Scouts and SeaView Share Domestic Violence Donation Efforts

Many times when women seek emergency shelter here in Seward it is in times of crisis.  Typically pajamas, toothbrushes, and food gets forgotten about when finding safety is the primary concern.  However, once a warm, dry, secure location is set up, these basic items are missed.  This was a need a local Girl Scout, Nora Andrews, discovered and wanted to do something about.  Nora approached SeaView’s Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Program wanting to know how she could support those who might be in crisis.  Once she learned of this experience women had, she thought of how she could get people from our community together to try to alleviate as much stress, discomfort, and anxiety for women and children in emergency shelter as she could by making care bags to give out.

Nora collaborated with Heather Bardarson, from Thirty-One, and Amanda Hughes, from LuLaRoe, and hosted a party at Seward’s Lutheran Church.  From people buying pieces for women, party points acquired from the parties, and cash donations, Nora was able to get 50 pieces of LuLaRoe clothings and 13 bags.  Then Heather and Amanda both doubled these donations, making the total of 102 pieces of clothing and 26 bags to keep the clothes, toiletries and snacks Nora had gathered for each special bag.

Nora, Amanda, Heather, Sara Dietrich (from SeaView’s Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Program) and Nora’s mother, Brooke Andrews, were able to get together to celebrate these wonderful donations, eat (thanks to a very generous donation of food from Tony, owner of Hamajang’s Food Truck), and put together these beautiful bags.

Through this project, Nora will receive her Bronze Award.  Awesome work Nora and thank you to all who donated to this wonderful project!!!


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