Well Known orthopedic surgeon featured in new Netflix documentary

Dr. Stephen Tower, an orthopedic surgeon well known to many Alaskans and local residents, has been coming to Seward for orthopedic clinics for the past two decades. Many locals have had knees, hips, and shoulders replaced by him.  Countless others have had other orthopedic procedures performed by him as well. What is perhaps not known  is that Dr. Tower is  the foremost expert on cobalt hip replacements and the ill effects  caused by them.

For those unfamiliar with cobalt, it is one of the heavy metals, that when smelted repeated times, produces a hard, lustrous silver-gray product seemingly ideal for joint replacements (except that it is a heavy metal and toxic).  In days of old,  cobalt was valued for its use in jewelry and glass making due to it beautiful blue hues.


Because of his expertise in the health issues caused by cobalt, including cobalt poisoning,  Dr. Tower is prominently featured in a Netflix documentary called The Bleeding Edge, airing on Netfix on July 27th. Dr. Tower and his wife were flown to New York City earlier this spring to attend the gala red carpet premier.  You can check out the trailer here: https://www.netflix.com/title/80170862

Way to go Dr. Tower!



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