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Seward Summer Marketplace

The Seward summer marketplace is an open-air market with fresh baked breads and goodies, fresh fruits and vegetables, handmade jewelry, new original artwork, homemade soap and much more provided by local artisans, artists, craftsmen, growers and vendors. This marketplace currently takes place on Saturday mornings from 11:00AM to 3:00PM at 1915 Seward Highway, just north of Safeway.

Local and transient vendors who wish to participate are called to the marketplace where they can bring their wares and services to citizens of Seward. The Seward summer marketplace is open to the public. Seward residents and visitors are invited to check out the market this summer and take advantage of some of the freshest local produce, goods and services,

Local artisans bring fresh baked goods, homemade soaps, handmade jewelry and other local wares to the Seward summer marketplace.


Local artists with new original oil and mixed media art, prints, all occasion cards printed from their artwork and daily giveaways!
The Veggie Bus brings a huge selection of the freshest fruits, veggies and eggs to the Seward summer marketplace.



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