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Sockeye salmon cost recovery fishery

The Lucky Star, a salmon purse seiner from Homer, scooped up sockeye (red) salmon today at the head of Resurrection Bay in front of a crowd of anglers lining the shore armed with snagging hooks. Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association is permitted by ADFG to harvest its quota before other commercial seiners are allowed to fish as part of the hatcheries’ cost recovery program to fund future hatchery operations.

The Trail Lakes Hatchery, operated by CIAA and owned by the State of Alaska, is a rearing facility with primary production focused on sockeye salmon. The facility is permitted to incubate up to 30 million sockeye which are transferred to release sites including Bear Lake, Bear Creek, and Resurrection Bay.

Allowing the cost recovery harvest on the weekends has been controversial for years. Yet, despite the successful scoop, many fishers were seen afterwards hauling one, two, or the 6-salmon limit back to shore.

Whether successful or not, it’s hard to beat fishing on a such a perfect June day, surrounded by such spectacular scenery.

For more information on the Trail Lakes Hatchery, visit their website at <> or stop by for a self-guided tour.


By Carol Griswold




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