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The Salmon Bake’s New Menu for Summer ’18

Want something a little more exciting to eat during the summer months?  The Salmon Bake’s new summer menu is featuring an unconventional variety of meats.  Daily fare are as follows:

  • Halibut Cheeks MONDAY
  • Taco TUESDAY  i.e.  (smoked meat tacos, fish, etc.)
  • Wild WEDNESDASY i.e.(Alligator, Elk, Pheasant etc.)
  • Smoked THURSDSAY i.e.(Smoked brisket, etc.)
  • Rocky Mnt. FRIDAY( Prime rib or Buffalo Ribeye)
  • Surf and Turf SATURDAY
  • Deep South SUNDAY i.e. (Catfish, Frog Legs, Grits etc.)

The Salmon Bake – 907-224-2204 – 1/4 Mile Exit Glacier Road

Hours 5PM-10PM Daily


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