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Native Alaskan Art and Learning – First Friday May 4th at Qutekcak

Monica DeMott Walker-Scully with her painted drum.

On Friday May 4th from 6-8pm, as part of the First Friday Art event, Kenai Fjords National Park and the Qutekcak Native Tribe  will team up to present: “Native Alaskan Art and Learning.”   This show will feature art from both Qutekcak art classes and third grade students studying Sugpiaq culture.

For the last five years Qutekcak has been offering Alaskan Native art classes on Tuesdays from October to April.  These classes are open to anyone who wishes to participate.  This year the classes have been instructed by Michael Hibbetts, Colette Brantingham, Kristy Dean and Monica DeMott Walker-Scully.  The program aims to educate participants about Alaska Native arts in a fun, friendly environment.  This year students have made drums, sewn kuspuks, carved oars, constructed dream catchers, woven grass fans and baskets and created 2D acrylic scenes.

Lake Hulse shows off his seasonal round.


Meanwhile in schools both locally and in Anchorage, the National Park Service has been helping students learn about the Sugpiaq culture.  Third grade artists have created Seasonal Rounds that demonstrate their understanding of living a life in tune with the seasons.  Students have also spent time learning the Sugcestun language and have created watercolors to show some of the words they’ve learned.  The tradition of making gutskin parkas, was also part of the students learning and they sewed miniature versions with their own unique touch. Journals from the class that show other aspects of their learning will also be on display.

Please stop by Qutekcak, at 221 3rd avenue, May 4th from 6-8pm and enjoy the show.





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