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Marathon Wrestling 2018 State Tournament Results

The Marathon Miners Wrestling Club attended the Alaska USA State Wrestling Tournament May 3rd – 5th in Wasilla. Thursday, May 3rd was a Folkstyle wrestling tournament, we had 17 wrestlers registered and 12 of them took home medals!! Medals are awarded for 1st through 6th place due to the number of wrestlers in each weight class during the State Tournament.  Medal winners, in no particular order: Kekoa Albino – 2nd, Koltin Barlow – 2nd, Hunter Kurtz – 2nd, Brett Gilmore – 4th, Steven Harshman- 1st, Tommy Jarnig – 1st, Aiden Schilling – 3rd, Tony Smith – 5th, Aksel Unrein – 6th, Jack Waldron – 3rd and Paul Mayes – 2nd.

Friday, May 4th, was Greco Roman wrestling as well as Freestyle for Bantam and pre-bantam – Again we had 17 wrestlers (not all the same as day 1) and 12 of them took home medals! Kekoa Albino – 2nd, Koltin Barlow – 5th, Kyler Barlow – 6th, Hayden Campbell – 3rd, Hunter Kurtz – 1st, Brett Gilmore – 3rd, Steven Harshman 1st, Tommy Jarnig – 2nd, Jett Rymer – 6th, Aiden Schilling – 2nd, Jack Waldron – 2nd and Paul Mayes – 3rd.

Saturday, May 5th was the final day of freestyle wrestling, we had 20 wrestlers registered and 16 of them took home medals!  – Jett Rymer -6th, Hayden Campbell – 5th, Ridge Conant – 6th, Koltin Barlow – 3rd, Aksel Unrein – 3rd, Tommy Jarnig – 1st, Aiden Schilling – 3rd, Hunter Kurtz – 2nd, Brett Gilmore – 6th, Jack Waldron – 3rd, Tyler Lands – 6th, Steven Harshman – 1st, Kekoa Albino – 2nd, Jaden Van Dyke – 4th, Colt Ogle – 2nd and Paul Mayes – 2nd.

This has been one of our best seasons ever, our wrestlers and their families pour their heart and soul into this club, parents spend time and money each weekend to insure that their kids are able to participate in tournaments around the state, they drive them to practice and pick them up, 3 nights a week, they donate food and money and their precious time at a moments notice.  It takes hard work and determination for these kids to make it through the season, I’m so proud of each and every one of them!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Seward Community Foundation for their continued support of our club, they have been an integral part in helping us build a solid foundation as a wrestling club in the Seward and Moose Pass communities.

The coaches and I are already thinking about the 2019 season, new fundraising opportunities, training, equipment and more, see you in 2019!!


Thank You

Jewel Smith

Marathon Wrestling Club



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