Ernestine Hayes Workshop & Craft Talk @ Library & Museum

Ernestine Hayes Writer’s Workshop & Craft Talk will be May 15th & 16th from 5-8pm in the Community Room at the Seward Community Library & Museum.


Celebrated Alaska Native Author and Alaska Writer Laureate, Ernestine Hayes, is an extra ordinary force in the Alaskan writing community.  Come to this two evening event where patrons can enjoy a potluck and appetizers while hearing the stories of this extraordinary woman!  Hayes has launched a series of writing workshops, Container of Stories, that will reach communities across the state.  In these workshops, participants will be encouraged to tell the story of someone whose voice would not otherwise be heard, and will also be encouraged to tell their own stories. The two-day workshops invite participants at every level of writing experience.  Space is limited!

Call the Seward Community Library & Museum (907)224-4082 today to get on the workshop and craft talk list!  Special thanks to the Friends of the Seward Library & Hotel Seward for their helpful contributions.



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