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The Alaska SeaLife Center Launches Chiswell Steller Sea Lion Fundraiser – 20 years of Steller sea lion research is in danger of ending

The Alaska SeaLife Center, a non-profit organization, needs your help! In 1998, the Center’s research staff began studying Endangered Steller sea lions in the Gulf of Alaska using a remote video camera system.  The goal was to gather information without animal disturbance at the Chiswell Island breeding rookery, as well as other sites near the mouth of Resurrection Bay.  Twenty years later this system has become outdated, components are failing and in need of replacement with modern digital technology.  Your donation towards a new camera system is essential for the Center to maintain the Chiswell Steller sea lion monitoring program and provides local Sewardites with real-time video imagery from the Gulf of Alaska! This project is our longest, continuous research project, which informs our science team about Steller sea lion behavior and population dynamics.

You can support Steller sea lion research at





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