The Alaskan: Local Literature with Doug Capra


The Seward Community Library & Museum Presents…

Local Literature with Doug Capra!

This Saturday, April 28 from 3 to 5 p.m. at the Seward Community Library& Museum


In the Community Room with free snacks

Doug Capra will lead a book discussion and short presentation about the novel, “The Alaskan”, by Robert Lund.

This semi-autobiographical novel, features the story of Lund, who came to Alaska in 1934 at age 19 as a stowaway aboard steamship that landed in Seward. He spent a few years in Alaska, part of that working aboard the Starr, a vessel out of Seward. He later joined the Merchant Marine, traveled the world, and wrote novels. The first third of “The Alaskan” (published in 1953) takes place in Seward in 1934-35. It’s a very accurate portrait of life in Seward and other parts of Alaska during that period. The library has copies of “The Alaskan” they’ll check out to people, but don’t feel you have to read the book to come to presentation and take part in the discussion.




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