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  1. I wish the city had included a preference for alternative fuel for the cruise ship shuttle bus RFP.

    All summer long, those diesel buses spew hazardous nitrogen oxides and dangerous particulate matter as they drive around and around, whether empty or occupied.

    Around the world, cities are banning diesel vehicles to improve air quality.

    Seward is lucky the wind helps to disperse this pollution, but it would be a positive, progressive policy to promote clean fuels.

    Several cruise lines donate used vegetable oil to various communities for recycling into bio-diesel fuel. Powering the cruise ship shuttles with cruise ship vegetable fuel would be a perfect loop.

    Cruise ship vegetable oil or not, promoting alternative fuels would also demonstrate that the City of Seward cares about this beautiful environment that supports locals and visitors.

    Can an alternative fuels preference be included for next year’s contract?

    Carol Griswold

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