Providence Seward CT scanner removed

The  CT scanner parked in the setback on the south side of Providence Seward Medical and Care Center recently broke down and was deemed unrepairable. After removing the connecting walkway enclosure, the unit, mounted on a semi-trailer, was hauled a short ways out of town today.

For the first time in many years, the sidewalk extending from the Senior Center along Jefferson to Glacier View Apartments behind Providence Seward was available. Visibility along the narrow and busy Lowell Canyon Road was restored, and traffic no long constricted.

Providence Seward is seeking grants to remodel the radiology department to allow the CT unit to be housed inside the facility for the convenience of patients and staff, and to increase visibility and safety along Lowell Canyon Road.


Meanwhile, a leased CT scanner will be arriving soon to provide essential care for patients. Until the remodel is completed, the unit will continue to be practically in the street.

Carol Griswold


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