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Marathon Marine Surveyor Open for Business in Seward

Rex von Borstel is the owner and surveyor at Marathon Marine Surveyor.

About Rex:

—I first came to Alaska in 1981 being stationed in Ketchikan at the Coast Guard base, which was also a vessel repair facility.  I returned to Alaska in 1986 after being stationed on two different large Coast Guard Cutters in Portsmouth, VA.  Seward is where I met and married my wife Elaine.  After being stationed in Seward for three years we moved to Astoria Oregon where I was stationed on a 180’ buoy tender.  Two years later I came back to Alaska onboard the Roanoke Island (110’ patrol boat), stationed in Homer, AK.  After three years in Homer we returned to Seward for another four-year tour about the Mustang (110’ patrol boat).  I have spent a lot of time in ship yards and performing vessel inspections at sea.  From large sea going freighters/tankers all the way down to pleasure craft.  I spent twelve of those years in Alaska.

Damage control is a key component in vessel survival and with that you must know how a vessel is constructed.  I conduct vessel inspections thoroughly looking for structural stability and operational effectiveness.  Through years of sailing the oceans and the Alaskan waters I have an advantage of experience between vessel and ocean.  For more information please visit our website at or call (907)422-7191.

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