Letter to the Editor

Dear Seward Citizen,

As a customer of Shoreside Petroleum/Petro Marine purchasing both heating fuel for your home and gasoline for your car, I want to personally thank you for your business.

The Tug “One Cure” and Barge “Zidell Marine #277” are both state of the art vessels and incorporate the most advanced technology in both design and construction. The engines on the Tug meet Tier 4 emissions standards and are among the cleanest engines on the planet. The Barge is Double-Hulled and includes features like an advanced Inert Gas system which reduces vapors in the cargo tanks. The Double-Hull is mandated and built to minimize exposure to spills if there were ever a catastrophic incident involving a grounding. The advantages of an Articulated Tug and Barge unit include greater safety for the crew, significant fuel efficiency, and less environmental exposure due to the pinning system versus the tow wire used on most Tug and Barge units. While the ZM #277 experienced a problem with the pin system on one of its maiden voyages, the incident was thoroughly investigated by both Transportation Canada and the owner Harley Marine Services. A corrective measure was added to prevent a reoccurrence of what caused the problem. ATB units are now used throughout the marine industry. The Zidell Marine #277 at 80,000 barrels is a relatively small ATB, with many new vessels in excess of 250,000 barrels.

As a family owned business which started in Seward almost 60 years ago and with part of our corporate offices still located there, we endeavor to use the safest and most environmentally advanced transportation equipment in our industry. As a company we remain focused on safeguarding our home state, especially with five generations of our family born here in Alaska.

Again, thank you for your business and also for your concerns for our environment.




Kurt R. Lindsey, President/ CEO

Petro 49, Inc.



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