Baby Beluga gets a vet check

Tyonek  the baby beluga had an appointment for a checkup on Friday afternoon at the Alaska Sealife Center. The outdoor pool level was lowered over the course of many hours to allow easy access for the staff. As soon as the humans stepped into the now shallow water, the whale zoomed over for pets. He lay quietly during the lengthy sonogram, turning as needed under the gentle guidance of staff. Then the staff measured his length, girth, and width of his flukes. Unlike the Steller sea lions and harbor seals,  Tyonek did not require any treats for his cooperation, just love.

Afterwards, it was time to scrub the algae off the bottom. Tyonek came right over for a few more pets, and who could resist? Then he swam to the deep end and enjoyed a few laps as the staff finished cleaning the pool bottom. Another interesting visit to the Alaska Sealife Center!


The ASLC is open from 10 am to 5 pm daily. Come check it out!

Carol Griswold


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