Tsunami Swimmers Make Waves at Championship Meet


Coach Meghan O’Leary traveled to Juneau with a team of Seward’s top 14 and under swimmers last weekend. Following is her synopsis of events at the Alaska Age Groups Swimming Championships. Congratulations swimmers!

This past weekend was packed with racing and excitement as nine of our swimmers traveled all the way to Juneau to compete at Alaska Age Group Championships. This is not an ordinary meet; all swimmers competing had to earn qualifying times to race here. Since the beginning of the swim season our Tsunamis have trained hard and set goals of making these qualifying times. At this meet, swimmers can race up to seven events over the course of three days. The 11 and older age groups that place in the top eight in the preliminaries return to race in finals in the evening. It was an exhausting and satisfying weekend, 70% of our swims resulted in best times, a few Junior Olympic Times were earned, and Lydia broke a state record from 1995 in the 100 Breaststroke!

Here is a recap of the daily successes our Tsunamis experienced:


  • Mia, Ben, Nick, and Sam all earn best times in their 50 Backstroke.
    • Nick and Sam make it back to finals. Sam places 7th in his age group and Nick places 6th in his age group.
    • Nick’s time is also a Junior Olympic (JO) qualifying time.
  • Mia, Sam, Nick, Maria and Lydia earn a best times in their 100 Free.
    • Lydia breaks 1:00 for the first time and places 2nd overall in finals.
    • Maria places 4th.
  • Mia takes 4 seconds off her 100IM, Ben takes 1 second of his 100IM, Maria takes 6.5 seconds off her 100IM placing 5th in her age group
  • Lydia takes 5.5 seconds off her 400IM placing 1st in her age group,
  • Lucy takes 2 seconds off hers 400IM placing 16th
  • Maria takes a 5 second off her 50 Fly, earning a JO time and placing 6th in her age group.


  • Kylie, Lydia, Maria, Ben and Nick earn a best times in their 200IM. Maria and Lydia take over 10 seconds off their previous best times.
    • Maria places 6th. Ben, Nick and Lydia make it back to finals,
    • Ben places 6th, Nick places 7th and Lydia places 1st.
  • Sam, Ben, Maria and Lydia earn best times in their 50 Free.
    • Lydia places 1st and Maria places 4th


  • Maria takes almost 7 seconds off her 100 Breaststroke, placing 10th.
  • Lucy takes over 9 seconds off her 200 Breaststroke.
  • Lydia makes it to Finals in her 200Breaststroke, earning a best time and placing 1st
  • Sam takes 4 seconds off his 500 Free, placing 5th.
  • Ben places 8th in his 500 Free


  • Sam and Paxton earn best times in their 200 Free.
    • Sam makes it back to finals and places 8th.  Between his prelims and finals swim he takes almost 10 seconds off his 200 Free time.
  • Kylie, Lucy, Lydia, and Mia earn best times in their 100 Breaststroke. Lydia, Lucy and Mia make it back to finals.
    • Mia places 4th,
    • Lucy places 5th, with a Senior Championships qualifying time.
    • Lydia places 1st, also breaking the state record for 13-14 year old’s set in 1995
  • Ben earns a best time in his 50 Fly in prelims. Ben and Nick make it back to finals. Ben places 7th, Nick Places 8th.
  • Lydia, Maria, Lucy, Nick and Ben earn a best times in their 100 Back. Maria places 5th Lydia and Nick makes it back to finals.
    • Nick’s swim earns him a JO time and he earns 8th place. Lydia places 1st.
  • Lydia wins high point award for her age group based on her performance: 6 Gold Medal and 1 Silver.

Even though we were a small team at this meet, we were a powerhouse of swim successes. I had more than one coach approach me and praise the dedication, improvement and fun-loving spirit our swimmers have. I am very proud of all the swimmers this weekend.

The Tsunami Swim Club SWIM-A-THON fundraiser will be happening Friday March 2.  Thanks to the Seward community for your support of these dedicated and hardworking swimmers.  For more information about swimming in Seward please visit the Tsunami Swim Club HERE.




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