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Tsunami (Swimmers) Headed for Juneau!

Swimmers from North Pole to Ketchikan are converging on Juneau’s Dimond Park Aquatic Center this weekend, for the 2018 Alaska Swimming Age Group Championships.

This is a gathering of top 14 and under swimmers from around the state. Athletes must meet time standards to compete at this event, and are seeded with competitors who are their swimming peers, both by age and speed!

14 Tsunami Swimmers qualified this season: Ronan, Jackson, Hailey, Paxton, Esme, Abigail, Kylie, Lucy, Mia, Lydia, Sam, Nick, Ben, and Maria! Congratulations to these young athletes.


Coach Megan will be working with her team through three days of swimming events.

Congratulations Swimmers! Swim Fast and Have Fun!


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