New Bear Proof Food Lockers in Resurrection Bay

New Bear Proof Lockers in Resurrection Bay

Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance (RBCA) would like to thank everyone that helped to make Bear Saver Bear Proof Food Lockers in Resurrection Bay a reality.


RBCA & State Parks volunteer Michelle Keagle at South Beach of Caines Head.

RBCA was able to purchase these lockers with a generous grant from Defenders of Wildlife.  Thanks to Russ Maddox for coordinating with Defenders on this funding.

We would also like to thank The Alaska State Parks for contributing to shipping costs and most importantly for all their hard work in placement of these lockers out on the Bay.

Six new Bear Saver Bear proof food lockers are now located throughout Upper Resurrection Bay for public use with camping and other recreation:

  1. Tonsina Beach under the camping shelter South of Tonsina Creek
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  3. North Beach of Caines Head (Trail Head going to Fort McGilvray)
  4. South Beach of Caines Head
  5. Sunny Cove (near tent platforms)
  6. Fox Island Spit- NW beach (by the ‘big rock hill’)
  7. Thumb Cove (also near upcoming tent platforms)

A friendly reminder: please keep the food lockers clean for all users to enjoy!


 If Bears behaved like this……we wouldn’t need food lockers.

Visit our website for details on other current programs and volunteering opportunities: www.rbca-alaska.org

-Tim Johnson, RBCA president.


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