Happy belated 100th birthday to the US Naval Wireless Radio Station

December  1st, 2017, marked the centennial of the historic US Naval Wireless Radio Station that operated in Seward from 1917 to 1930.  After the facility was closed in 1930, the station suffered many catastrophes including a fire in 1935 that burned down almost all the abandoned buildings, the 1964 Great Quake and tsunamis that lowered the land by 3 ½’ and caused tidal flooding, and then flooding and relentless erosion by the Resurrection River when it jumped channels in 1997. Through it all, the sturdy concrete powerhouse remained, almost intact.

After decades of direct, broadside pounding by the river and undercutting of the foundation, the building slowly lost one room then another to the powerful river. Finally, the wall receiving the blast of the river lost its footing and partially collapsed into the water. Today, it leans defiantly, almost half submerged, yet refusing to quit. Bald eagles still perch on the chimney, which despite the angle and ominous cracks, is still intact.

The contractors who built this powerhouse back in 1917 would probably be proud and amazed to know that this “green building” at the head of the bay is still here 100 years later, up to its knickers in the river.

Please visit Bits of History: Naval Radio Station with Lee Poleske at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGa995Xp8DQ


Carol Griswold




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