F/V Legacy at SMIC for repair

The fishing vessel Legacy hit a rock in the Inside Passage area and limped to Ketchikan for a temporary patch on her steel hull. She then sailed for Seward where the Synchrolift hauled her out for a more permanent repair. The crew experienced quite a welcome with the 7.9 earthquake last night! Today, they bailed out for a walk on Fourth of July beach in the sunshine, surrounded by snowy mountains, Godwin Glacier, the bay, and blue sky. It is not known how long the repair will take.

The Legacy is home-ported in Kodiak. She was built in 1983, and is 117.2 feet long, 32 feet wide, with a depth of 8.3 feet, 194 gross tonnage. The Legacy fishes  mostly for flat fish and ground fish.

Information from the crew and specs from the Boat Database https://boatdb.net/boat/legacy-664882.htm


Carol Griswold


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