It’s Dog License time again!

Did you know that every dog over 4 months old in Seward city limits needs an annual dog license?

In addition to complying with Seward code, a license will help the animal shelter quickly identify your lost dog and get him or her back to you quicker. If you think your dog would NEVER wander off, consider unusual circumstances like fireworks that might make a homebody bolt.

Licensing lets others know that our dog is current with its rabies vaccinations, a requirement for licensing. Anyone who finds your missing dog will be more likely to want to handle and care for your pet until you are found if they know it is healthy and rabies-free.

License fees help support the animal shelter and the wonderful and essential services it provides.


The dog license is an inexpensive and useful Seward, Alaska souvenir for visiting pets too! The cost is only $5 for neutered or spayed dogs, and only $10 for dogs that are not.

The license fee is due and payable on January 2nd annually or ASAP.

To license your dog, bring proof of current rabies vaccination and payment to the Seward Animal Shelter at 420 Sixth Avenue. The Shelter is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm, closed Sunday, Monday and holidays.

Get your pal a little bling and show that you love them!

Carol Griswold


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