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Seward City News Top Stories of 2017

by Allison Sayer for Seward City News-

2017 has been a busy year for Seward, with many ups and downs. Seward City News had strong readership this year, and we are thankful to you for that. We are also grateful that you submit your important events and announcements to keep the community informed.

Here are the top ten most read stories from 2017. As usual, wildlife and crime took many top spots. You, our readers, also enjoyed reading about outdoor sports, subsistence activities, and important events that occurred in town.

#10: Underwater Footage of Resurrection Bay

by Seward Ocean Excursions.

Resurrection Bay is one of Seward’s world-class treasures. Video showing what nearby haunts look like beneath the surface was extremely popular.




Photo: US Department of Agriculture.

#9: Home Preserving And Botulism: When to Worry (And When Not to!)

by Allison Sayer.

This article on canning safety was a surprise hit for us. But, of course, with the popularity of subsistence activities, we should not have been surprised!



#8: Lowell Point Road Damaged by 13.7′ High Tide and Surf

by Carol Griswold.

Carol has been the “eyes” of Seward, documenting the comings and goings of vessels and wildlife alike. Her up-to-the-minute footage of waves crashing on Lowell Point Road was especially gripping.

#7: Budget Proposal to Close Spring Creek Voted Down in Committee

by Allison Sayer.

A proposal to remove the correctional facility from the state budget got a lot of attention. Fortunately, this proposal never made it out of committee. Readers also enjoyed additional coverage of Spring Creek this year, including:  Inside Spring Creek: New Superintendent Bill Lapinskas Gives a Tour by Kelley Lane and New Dog Obedience Training Program at Spring Creek Correctional Center by Carol Griswold.

#6: A Letter from the Family of Micah McComas

by Scott and Krista Smith.

The aftermath of the officer-involved shooting in the Safeway Parking lot this fall was a confusing time for Seward residents. This letter from Micah McComas’ family was widely read within and outside of Seward. It encouraged compassion for the deceased man and his family as Mr. McComas’ family sought to learn more about the circumstances of his death.


#5: Moose Calf Killed in Seward Yard, Animal Cruelty and Wanton Waste Charges Filed


by Allison Sayer.

This is one of the most bizarre crime stories Seward City News has covered. I felt truly terrible for the troopers who responded to this awful incident, and very glad to put this story behind me!



#4: Alaskaman: How to Get 200 People in 54 Degree Water for 2+ Hours

by Kelley Lane.


This intense competition drew elite athletes from all over the world this past summer. Each component of the grueling contest would have been an accomplishment in and of itself, but these competitors pushed it to the limit by doing it all in one day. The contest started with an early morning swim in chilly Resurrection Bay.



#3: 2017 Dipnet Season: New Limits on Kenai Kings, Changes in Chitina

by Allison Sayer.

Dipnetting is such an important part of the Alaska lifestyle. It’s no wonder Alaskans want to follow updates to the regulations closely.



#2: Black Bear Wanders into the Breeze Inn Lobby

by Kelley Lane.

Seward was inundated with black bears this year, as reported in Seward Experiences Spike in Urban Bear Activity by Kelley Lane. This article covered the most humorous encounter as the Breeze Inn staff gently herded a confused black bear out the door.





And the #1 most widely read story of 2017 was…

Family Sought for Questioning in Pike County Mass Murder Believed to Be on the Kenai Peninsula







In addition to these top ten stories, we had many other popular posts. These included:

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Inside Spring Creek: New Superintendent Bill Lapinskas Gives a Tour by Kelley Lane

How The Mermaid Festival & Harbor Opening Came To Be by Kelley Lane


Snow River Glacier Dam Jökulhlaup by Jewel Williams

Thank you again for reading. We wish you all the best for 2018!


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