Lowell Point Road storm damage update

Five days after the 13.7′ high tide and powerful storm surge battered Lowell Point, the road had been marked with cautionary signs and orange cones and candles. Recent road work had smoothed the surface so travel was relatively good. Motorists are advised to use caution especially when sharing the road as the shoulders are washed away and the roadway is undercut in many places. The unstable mountain slopes are saturated and sporadic rockslides continue.

At the request of the city manager on December 7, the newly elected Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce  requested assistance from the state by declaring a Disaster Emergency. On Thursday evening at a Special Meeting, City Council voted to declare a State of Disaster Emergency due to the storm and tidal surge damage, serious erosion issues, compromised safety of the utilities buried under the road, and loss of armor rock along Lowell Point Road. Consent of Council must be obtained if the declaration of disaster is to be continued or renewed for a period longer than 7 days.


Carol Griswold


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