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Local runner excels in Chimera 100 Mile Ultramarathon

Local resident Joe Nyholm, 25, recently completed a strenuous ultramarathon. The Chimera 100 Mile race is rated as one of the toughest trail 100-mile races in the country with over 22,000′ of elevation gain. The name refers to a figure out of Greek mythology: a fire breathing animal that is part lion, part goat, and part serpent. Racers call her “THE BEAST.” The race course is on trails in the Trabuco Wilderness in the Cleveland National Forest in southern California.
Joe, also known as Gumby, is a crowd favorite in the Mt Marathon Race. He placed FIFTH in this grueling race with a time of 26:26:02 after leading in third place for most of the race. 40 racers finished, 26 dropped out. Shortly after the race, Joe vowed he would never run another ultramarathon. But when I talked to him after a quick winter ascent to the Race Point and back, he had reconsidered and is plotting the possibilities for another ultra. What an honor to see his name and Seward Alaska in the top five! Go Joe!


Carol Griswold


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