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13.7′ High Tide Batters Shoreline

The highest tide of the year, 13.7′, peaked at 1:05 pm today. The Seward Harbor ramps down to the docks were almost level. Fortunately the harbor waters were protected and calm.

Combined with a strong surf and south wind, the wild ocean battered Seward’s shoreline. Powerful waves shot up all along the beach like geysers, shooting rocks and debris onto the bike path. Campground fire rings, normally a safe distance from the beach, were engulfed in the wave surges. Water surged across the bike path and dumped into Scheffler Creek, leaving a rubble pile of rocks. A lone picnic table marking a campsite, withstood repeated waves that raced through its wooden legs.


If you missed the spectacular show today, Tuesday’s 13.5′ tide at 1:51 pm should be exciting too.

Carol Griswold


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