Swans and the Lagoon power lines

For those who missed the October 30 article, the Lagoon power lines are ready to go underground. Contractors have been working all summer to install the conduits under the Lagoon. According to the October 13 City Manager’s Report:

“The only work left to date by the contractor is to pull a rope into the conduit. If we have time this season, the electric crews will be pulling wire into these conduits, but our main focus at this point is to get as many jobs completed to customers as we can before freeze up.”

Despite the installation of bird deflectors on part of the power lines, the swan cygnets are flying and dying. Seward is SO CLOSE to getting these killer lines underground.

Call the City Manager and Utility Manager to make the completion of the underground installation a top priority.


City Manager Jim Hunt at 907-224-4047, jhunt@cityofseward.net

Electric Department Utility Manager John Foutz at 907-224-4073, jfoutz@cityofseward.net

Thank you for your help!

Carol Griswold


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