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Ready for winter? Check out these energy-saving weatherizing tips.

By Phil Kaluza-

Tis the season for those last minute weatherizing projects around the house. Like fixing that darn leaky window, and delving into the forbidden crawlspace to insulate, air seal and warm the floor. The attic needs insulation…argggg. Gotta get the boiler and wood stove cleaned and tuned. What about that extra cord of firewood you planned on splitting and stacking for next winter? And don’t forget to check the batteries in your CO2 and smoke detectors!

Okay, but what about something fun and sexy? You could be the first on your block to install a new 12K high-performance variable speed DC twin rotary compressor mini-split heat pump! Comes in a variety colors of white. Sizes and models up the ying yang. $800/yr savings opportunity with under $4000 investment! Heat pumps sound great, but do they really work in our Seward winters and energy costs? What size is right for me? Where do I get one? Why so many questions?

Well, you could search “cold-climate mini-split heat pumps” to get more information. Or, mark your calendar and get answers at a FREE workshop on Saturday, Nov. 18 from 1-5 pm at the AVTEC Port Ave. Campus (808 Port Ave.).

Mark Manclark, a nationally recognized trainer and presenter, will be there to fill us in on the latest technology and how heating your home or business with heat pumps can benefit you. You’ll have an opportunity to visit several installations in Seward and talk to the homeowners.


More details here. Space is limited, so call the Seward Chamber (907) 224-8051 to save a seat.

Sponsored by: Seward Sustainable Energy Group, Seward Chamber of Commerce, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, and AVTEC.

And one more thing: Don’t forget to replace that weatherstripping on the back door the dog chewed up three years ago.


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