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Calling all Hockey Players, Skaters and Ice Enthusiasts!

The time for winter recreation is fast approaching and the ice is forming. Dust off the gear and tape up your sticks, the ice at Second Lake is shaping up and is begging for some action! With the full support of Seward Parks and Recreation let’s utilize our backyard rink and start the ice hockey and skating movement here in Seward. Last year they did a fabulous job keeping the ice in great skating condition with the help of an Ice Dragon – an Alaskan made, ice re-surfacing machine. We had a great turnout for pick-up hockey games and evening skating.

Safety is the number one priority. Be extremely cautious as these early stretches of cold temps allows the ice to solidify. Please refrain from throwing rocks and debris on the ice – sometimes the fun is overwhelming, but this damages skates and brings down the quality of the ice surface.


Starting next week (Nov. 20) we are hoping to get scheduled pick-up hockey games started. As of now it will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12pm. Official pond hockey goals will be provided. Bring pucks if you have them. All are welcome!

Let’s grow the passion for hockey and ice skating! Come out and support winter recreation at Second Lake!


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