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Baby Beluga update

Tyonek, the rescued baby Beluga whale, is growing! When he was admitted to the ASLC on September 30 at about a month old, he weighed 142 pounds. At 10 weeks, he weighs 205 pounds, and is 5 1/2 feet long.

Experts from facilities all across the country have contributed to his care. Today, a pro from the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut fed him a bottle and played with him. The baby whale is fedĀ a special marine mammal formula blended with fish and medicines about every four hours, round the clock.

More water was recently added to the outdoor pool so now the baby can dive down to 6′. I watched him disappear into the “depths” several times after his bottle feeding. Just like Aku, the baby walrus, he seemed to enjoy sucking on nylon webbing and a post, though he has other toys.

It was amazing to watch him breathe; his blowhole looked like a little mouth, opening and closing as he exhaled and took another breath before he cruised underwater.


The Alaska Sealife Center offers free admission to Alaskan residents on Wednesdays through February 28, 2018. They are open from noon to five daily, closed on December 25.

Donations are always appreciated to support their Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation program.

Carol Griswold


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