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Annual Halloween Carnival Delights Locals

By Kelley Lane for Seward City News-
Seward’s Teen and Youth Center hosted their popular goldfish game with youth and adult volunteers. Photo: Kelley Lane.

Tuesday night’s annual Seward Halloween Carnival enjoyed high attendance. The event, hosted by the City of Seward Parks and Recreation Department, was held at the 20,000 square foot cruise ship terminal from 6 to 9 pm. The carnival featured booths constructed and hosted by local organizations. This year, there were twenty different booths, offering carnival style games, an obstacle course, a cake walk, pie sales, and dinner foods.

The Seward Police Department created a booth that utilized vision impairment goggles and a maze to follow, drawn in colored tape on the terminal’s concrete floor. One member of the Seward Police department shared with me that the goggles were originally created to educate teenagers about the dangers of drunk driving. They brought the activity to the carnival as a learning opportunity couched in a fun activity.

Seward’s Rotary Club offered an opportunity to “fish” for lucky ducks, which earned participants stuffed animals and other prizes. Photo: Kelley Lane.


Families with young children often spend Halloween rushing around from the time that their kids get out of school until they fall asleep. Many families go straight from trick-or-treating to the carnival, with little time for eating dinner. This year, the Seward Booster Club, headed by Maya Moriarty, included dinner items in their booster booth. For ten tickets, the equivalent of $5, attendees could purchase taco dinner bowls or Chinook’s macaroni and cheese. Lots of folks took advantage of the chance to eat dinner at the carnival, causing the food booth to sell out about halfway through the event.

The Carnival also included a costume contest and a fright inducing horror tent, hosted by the Seward Fire Department. Two teenagers that I talked with went through the booth multiple times. One was terrified anew with each pass through. The other was decidedly not.

The Parks and Recreation department hosted a giant inflatable obstacle course, which took up most of the far end of the building. Traci Petersen expertly manned the course, offering a physical activity in the midst of candy consumption. For those hungry for pie, Sacred Heart Catholic Church was on hand with slices in a variety of flavors, including pumpkin, pecan and berry.

The evening’s festivities concluded at 9pm with the giveaway of goldfish. The Alaska Railroad Port Manager was on hand to oversee the cleanup efforts and commended the crew on a good job hosting and cleaning up. Teen and Youth Center Coordinator Josie McClain, the event’s organizer, locked the doors and turned out the lights on another successful Halloween carnival. Many thanks to all who participated in this annual community event.



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